100% results guaranteed, 00% investment required

The Hot-Potato works with you in a partnership spirit. We provide you free trial and charge you a nominal
fee against each qualified sales lead. You can be sure that the worst impact of the The Hot-Potato
on your business in an increased sale…

Beyond Live Chat

The Hot-Potato is a personalized customer service solution with an aim to enhance your online sales
engagements. We provide timely and relevant information to your website visitors to assist
them and accelerate their decision making process, hence converting visitors into
sales leads…

Bring a true interactive element in your website

The Hot-Potato believes that no website can truly be interactive without a human element.
The Hot-Potato adds the human element in your website at No Cost. The Hot-Potato also helps you reduce
your operational costs, increase customer’s trust and satisfaction, help sales increase
and much more

Superior customer engagement and sale tool

The Hot-Potato provides you with an ultra a superior customer engagement tool with trained chat
agents who will generate you exclusive and qualified sales leads and convert your website
visitor into loyal followings…

About The Hot Potato

The Hot Potato is a personalized customer service solution that enhances engagements on your website. We provide live and relevant information to your website visitors to help accelerate their decision-making process, hence converting your website visitors into sales.

We position ourselves as a customer services team, well versed in your products, allowing your website visitors to engage with our trained live chat agents. Our chat solution provides an invaluable service and provides the option for your customers to have usable and actionable information immediately. This enables them to make up their minds faster than having to browse through endless pages of information, thus, increasing the overall leads/sales on your website.

All businesses have their own combination of USPs, product mix and services. We take the time to research and understand your business and the relevant business details that any of your ‘sales’ employee would know about your business. Hence, we can provide accurate information to potential customers allowing for higher sales lead generation rates.

Everyone is trying hard to bring traffic to their websites but no one is engaging this traffic…. While Live Chat is the open secret... what's the reason??? live chat costs extra money and time.... so, let us free you with this worry. We will give you cutting edge live chat software, experienced live chat operators and mature processes and will let you see the engagements on your website in the form of Exclusive and Qualified Sales Leads. The worst thing that can happen with you using our services is ‘Increase In Your Sales’.

We employ in-house specialists in your business vertical who are available live on your website to answer any product related queries. Thus, we can provide appropriate information that comes directly from an industry professional.

Our experienced customer service staffs specialize in obtaining contact information of website visitors professionally, while also obtaining their particular queries – thus, giving your team additional details to allow them to further the decision making process of the potential customers.

We improve your web presence, empower your online advertising campaigns and are able to convert your website visitors by using our trained live chat agents. This provides your web visitors an amazing live chat option and a ability to engage with your company Live.

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