100% results guaranteed, 00% effort on your part

The Hot Potato works with you in a partnership spirit. We take our time to study
your website and use our greeting and engaging skills to generate
your sales leads from your website visitors…

Beyond Live Chat

The Hot Potato is a personalized customer service solution with an aim to enhance your online
sales engagements. We provide timely and relevant information to your website visitors to assist them
and accelerate their decision making process, hence converting visitors into sales leads…

Bring a true interactive element in your website

The Hot Potato believes that no website can truly be interactive without a human element.
The Hot Potato adds the human element in your website. The Hot Potato also helps you reduce your
operational costs, increase customer's trust and satisfaction, help sales increase and much more…

Superior customer engagement and sale tool

The Hot Potato provides you with an ultra superior customer engagement tool with trained chat
agents who will generate you exclusive and qualified sales leads and convert your
website visitor into loyal followings…


Why Live Chat for my business?

Millions of people were using IM to interact with corporate colleagues. Live chat had also become a fixture on websites, giving customers a way to inquire about products and receive answers in real time…..

What is the ratio of website chat visitors who initiate chat?

It all depends on how you have set up the use of your live chat solution. Typically speaking, up to 15% of visitors will initiate a chat and out of this percentage we can tell from our experience that 50-60% convert into sales lead and on top of this customer will have a WOW experience

How can I ensure Sales Chat does not misrepresent my services?

This is where our strength lies. We will collectively create a personalized response solution for each of our customers during initial trail period and keep on improving the personalized responses based on your website visitors’ conversations and queries. We always welcome your input. We have a basic 3-tier script methodology i.e. Welcome, Your Business Specific Questions, and Session Closure.

How do I receive sales leads?

We send you sales lead instantaneously at the end of a chat session with your prospective customer. We provide you the category of lead i.e. Sale/Service/Complaint/Feedback, client name, contact information and his/her specific requirements from your business. You have all this information on your email, and on your cell phone. If your Smartphone is web-enabled, then it’s all seamless.

What sales conversion rate can I expect from your live chat support?

Conversion of leads depends on your ability to sell yourself. Our only service is to send you potential customers hence an opportunity for you to convert them. If your sales team call them back promptly, and are professional about the process – your chances are excellent.

Without knowing much about my business, how can you help me grow my customer base and close sales?

Our strength lies in clever engagement. Our experience has proven to ourselves that we don’t have to know as much about your business as you do – we just have to know the basics. What we do know is how to treat customers with respect, courtesy and listen to their issues/concerns/questions. Developing this bond over a chat session is a skill we are good at. If your website visitor has found their way to your site – it is most probably out of interest in what you have to offer. We use their interest, and our good manners, to get their contact info and their particular requirements from your business. Now, all that is needed from you is to call or email them back and sell them on what you’ve got!!

Do I really have 30-day free trial?

Yes, you have 30-day free trial with no obligation to pay us before or after the trial period. You can remain a customer for free, even after that. There are no monthly fees. You are only obligated to pay us if we send you a qualified sales lead through our sales lead generation solution.

Will you ask me for my credit card info or make a pre-payment for the trial?

The answer is No; we do not ask you anything. You only provide us with your desired login name and password for our customer-only login area. When your trial expires (after 30-days) you will be able to choose a subscription package and submit a payment at that time but only when you have received and are 100% satisfied with the quality of your sales leads.

How do I know the sales leads are real?

Because they will be real people, with real emails, and real numbers for you to contact. We can also provide you with their IP address and give you the location from which they communicated. We will also maintain every single conversation and you will have access to them at any time.

Customer Testimonials

I would like to thank you and your business for helping Galaxy Deals achieve a new level of excellence. From Live Chat since June 2010. This has brought the real return on investment on my business.
Shahid Tarar, President of Galaxy Deals

I have used a number of different chat solutions but a chat solution would bring another cost to my business but Hot Potato has saved me software cost and hiring, training a resource to man chat function. I have been very happy wit the kind of support Hot Potato provides to our business.
Sanjeev Desait, President of King West Lofts

We are very happy with Hot Potato's chat services solutions which provide end-to-end solution. Our website is not a communication window between our prospects and business and no more sign-board like others.
Zulfiqar Butt, Marketing Manager of Mobiles for All

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