100% results guaranteed, 00% investment required

The Hot-Potato works with you in a partnership spirit. We provide you free trial and charge you a nominal
fee against each qualified sales lead. You can be sure that the worst impact of the The Hot-Potato
on your business in an increased sale…

Beyond Live Chat

The Hot-Potato is a personalized customer service solution with an aim to enhance your online sales
engagements. We provide timely and relevant information to your website visitors to assist
them and accelerate their decision making process, hence converting visitors into
sales leads…

Bring a true interactive element in your website

The Hot-Potato believes that no website can truly be interactive without a human element.
The Hot-Potato adds the human element in your website at No Cost. The Hot-Potato also helps you reduce
your operational costs, increase customer’s trust and satisfaction, help sales increase
and much more

Superior customer engagement and sale tool

The Hot-Potato provides you with an ultra a superior customer engagement tool with trained chat
agents who will generate you exclusive and qualified sales leads and convert your website
visitor into loyal followings…

How it works

1. The Hot-Potato is free.

2. You decide to test the service free for 1 month. It’s not a hard decision… you have nothing to lose and much to gain. Your customers get a trained live The Hot-Potato agent on your website to generate you sales lead and give a wonderful experience to your website visitors. If you find out it really helps, then it can continually boost your sales.

3. Once you’ve decided to move forward with The Hot-Potato the process is really easy which goes:
- a 48 hours review of your website with our trained agents to educate them on your business.
- your email ID where you wish to receive sales leads.
- implementation of our simple Code on your website which does not require technical wizardary.
4. Our programmers then embed a chat window on your site, allowing us to assign a real live person to be a ‘live chat agent’ on your website.

5. Some visitors to your site will actually have a question or be interested in securing your service or product. They will initiate… and we will chat with them concerning your business. During the course of the chat, we cleverly engage them and obtain their name, their specific requirement and their contact information for you.

6. As soon as the chat is finished – we will forward you the specific details with all the stuff which will help you close the sale. You will know when and what to contact them back about. This will be sent via TEXT Message directly to your cell phone, as well as your email. At the push of a button on your phone, you will be talking to an interested customer

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