100% results guaranteed, 00% effort on your part

The Hot Potato works with you in a partnership spirit. We take our time to study
your website and use our greeting and engaging skills to generate
your sales leads from your website visitors…

Beyond Live Chat

The Hot Potato is a personalized customer service solution with an aim to enhance your online
sales engagements. We provide timely and relevant information to your website visitors to assist them
and accelerate their decision making process, hence converting visitors into sales leads…

Bring a true interactive element in your website

The Hot Potato believes that no website can truly be interactive without a human element.
The Hot Potato adds the human element in your website. The Hot Potato also helps you reduce your
operational costs, increase customer's trust and satisfaction, help sales increase and much more…

Superior customer engagement and sale tool

The Hot Potato provides you with an ultra superior customer engagement tool with trained chat
agents who will generate you exclusive and qualified sales leads and convert your
website visitor into loyal followings…

The Hot-Potato is a niche service that concentrates on delivery high standards of on-demand pre-sale and post sale customer service for businesses of all sizes. We provide an engagement tool in the form of a live chat service that allows the dedicated customer service individuals to speak with your potential customers and provide them with the relevant information they need to make their buying decision.

What separates us from other ‘chat services’:

  • All businesses have their own combination of USPs, product mix and services. We take the time to research and understand your business and the relevant business details that any of your ‘sales’ employee would know about your business. Hence, we can provide accurate information to potential customers allowing for higher sales lead generation rates.
  • We employ in-house specialists in your business vertical who are available live on your website to answer any product related queries. Thus, we can provide appropriate information that comes directly from an industry professional.
  • Our experienced customer service staffs specialize in obtaining contact information of website visitors professionally, while also obtaining their particular queries – thus, giving your team additional details for a successful sale closure.

The Hot-Potato allows for two distinct services:

1. Enabling a Live Chat Service on your site to answer any questions about your products and services
2. Generate interest and set appointments for you to call interested customers


  • Chat Transcript Email
  • Your Website Integration with our customized artwork, made specifically for your website
  • Proactive Chat
  • Conference Chat
  • White-labeling or Branding
  • Sounds and Alerts
  • Spell checker
  • Typing notification
  • No Installation Required – we handle all the IT stuff, making it easy for you.
  • We retain all scripts of every chat, for you to analyze your customer’s inquiries, and our responses.
  • We can enable it such that we initiate the chat with your website visitors, or we can wait for them to do so. It’s your call.
  • We also provide extensive reporting by capturing you with additional information on Traffic & Visitor Footprints, such as geo-location, demographic information, total pages viewed, referral URL statistics, etc.


  • There is no effort required on your part – except receiving qualified sale leads and making the sale.
  • Our statistics show our clients have experienced an increase in online leads/sales at an average rate of 12 - 22% by using our unique live chat services.
  • No need to hire various in-house staff to offer your website visitors answers to their questions. We take this burden away from you. An average in-house full time customer service agent will cost you $12/hour being an expense of almost $40000/year.
  • You no longer let all those visitors to your website slip through the net. Imagine how many you’ve already lost. Now there is system in place to catch them.
  • Using SMS technology, you will know instantly when we’ve generated a sales lead.
  • Your instant reply will only exude your professionalism.
  • This is perfect for business people on-the-go. We will route customers to your mobile office.
  • It brings a human dimension to your website…

Customer Testimonials

I would like to thank you and your business for helping Galaxy Deals achieve a new level of excellence. From Live Chat since June 2010. This has brought the real return on investment on my business.
Shahid Tarar, President of Galaxy Deals

I have used a number of different chat solutions but a chat solution would bring another cost to my business but Hot Potato has saved me software cost and hiring, training a resource to man chat function. I have been very happy wit the kind of support Hot Potato provides to our business.
Sanjeev Desait, President of King West Lofts

We are very happy with Hot Potato's chat services solutions which provide end-to-end solution. Our website is not a communication window between our prospects and business and no more sign-board like others.
Zulfiqar Butt, Marketing Manager of Mobiles for All

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