100% results guaranteed, 00% investment required

The Hot-Potato works with you in a partnership spirit. We provide you free trial and charge you a nominal
fee against each qualified sales lead. You can be sure that the worst impact of the The Hot-Potato
on your business in an increased sale…

Beyond Live Chat

The Hot-Potato is a personalized customer service solution with an aim to enhance your online sales
engagements. We provide timely and relevant information to your website visitors to assist
them and accelerate their decision making process, hence converting visitors into
sales leads…

Bring a true interactive element in your website

The Hot-Potato believes that no website can truly be interactive without a human element.
The Hot-Potato adds the human element in your website at No Cost. The Hot-Potato also helps you reduce
your operational costs, increase customer’s trust and satisfaction, help sales increase
and much more

Superior customer engagement and sale tool

The Hot-Potato provides you with an ultra a superior customer engagement tool with trained chat
agents who will generate you exclusive and qualified sales leads and convert your website
visitor into loyal followings…

Terms of Service

We are in the business of providing value and in this era there cannot be anything more valuable then your information. We are concerned about protecting the privacy of the visitors of from our service. We have put in place certain procedures as to comply with the data privacy laws and regulations.

We use technology to our and our customer’s advantage for generating them sales lead. We collect information on behalf of our customers. We also collect information on our own website. Our methods for collection and use of information depend on whether the user logs directly onto our website (a "The Hot-Potato User")

When website visitor engages with us in chat, we ask him/her to enter their names in whatever format or detail they prefer. During the chat, The Hot-Potato Users enter into a live question and answer session with our chat operator. We maintain dialogue transcripts of these chats. After the chat, we ask The Hot-Potato Users to fill out an exit survey in order to obtain valuable feedback about our service. Filling out the exit survey is completely voluntary. The surveys may ask for contact information (e.g., email address) and for demographic information (e.g., zip code, age or income level).

We access the information we collect for certain purposes (for example, to aggregate the information, to monitor the use of the service during certain chats and for other lawful purposes). A The Hot-Potato User's information, including personally identifiable information, will not be shared with anyone else but our customer from whose website our chat operator conducted the chat. We do not sell trade or rent the personal information that The Hot-Potato Users provide.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of the users of our service. We use the information we collect to provide a better experience for future use of our service and to provide our customers with valuable feedback on their websites and businesses.

We shall be happy to receive your feedback/comments about our privacy policy so that we may incorporate your suggestions in our standard operating procedures and policies. You may contact us with your suggestions/comments/feedback on info@The Hot-Potato.ca. We also recommend that you should review this policy periodically, as we may update it from time to time.

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